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Residency Information

betterArts offers a unique opportunity to artists, writers, performers, and musicians with a residency program based out of Better Farm, a 65-acre sustainability campus nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks and the Thousand Islands Region. Residencies are designed to offer artists of every discipline space and time to work on specific projects; whether a series of paintings, a composition, book, set of sculptures, or album.


Located 10 miles from the Canadian Border along the St. Lawrence River and Indian River Lakes System, Better Farm offers an unparalleled rural living experience. There are three lakes within walking distance; an on-site pond; vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens; shop space; open-air sheds for pottery and painting; and a two-story, renovated barn functioning as gallery and studio space. A private room, 24/7 access to a fully stocked communal kitchen, linens and towels, WiFi, parking, and round-the-clock access to the Art Barn are all included in a low stipend required of all residents.


The environment is simple and communal. Residents are expected to do their share in maintaining the condition of Better Farm as well as its peaceful environment.  


betterArts residents are encouraged to interact and participate in the goings-on around the property, and to help out with chores and farm-related responsibilities between three and five hours each week. These responsibilities may include working in the gardens, participating in arts-related community outreach projects, helping with house chores, cooking, or assisting with other odd jobs. At the conclusion of each residency, an artist is required to present his or her work to the public in a gallery show, reading, performance, or via some other appropriate medium.


Residencies are for two weeks, three weeks, one month, or two-month periods. Basic facilities at Better Farm will be provided; but betterArts residents are expected  to provide the majority of materials and equipment they would need for the production of their work.  


The standards for admission are talent, desire to live and work at Better Farm, and a willingness to have a go at the Better Theory: a belief that each moment presents us with the opportunity for exponential personal growth. Got questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Download Application

If your computer won't support this .pdf download, the application is reprinted below for you to copy into a compatible program.


Copy the below information into a compatible document file, fill out, and return to us at residencies@betterarts.org or betterArts Residency Program, 31060 Cottage Hill Road, Redwood NY, 13679. 




ALL APPLICATIONS must include:

  • The below form filled out in its entirety

  • An up-to-date resumé

  • Links to work online (if submitting electronically), or a CD or DVD sent through regular mail. DO NOT E-MAIL IMAGES, VIDEOS, or other large files (with the exception of your artist's statement, resumé, and explanation of intent). If you would like to e-mail your written application and/or links to online work, please clearly specify if you have additionally sent a CD or DVD to us by regular mail.

  • REQUIRED WORK SAMPLES (you must be able to take full credit for your work):

  • Visual Artists: Six to 12 high-res .jpegs

  • Composers/Bands: Recordings of at least three original compositions

  • New Media:  Three online samples of finished pieces

  • Writers: ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: up to 12 poems, one short story, two chapters, or three essays/published articles

  • New Media/Broadcast Professionals: Three links to podcasts

  • A stamped, self-addressed envelope, with sufficient postage if you wish to have any materials returned to you  


betterArts encourages qualified artists from all backgrounds to apply. It does not discriminate against anyone on any basis.


NAME    ________________________________________________________


ADDRESS ________________________________________________________


PHONE     ___________________  E-MAIL____________________________


Area(s) of expertise: ____Writer     ___Visual Artist    ___Musician   ____New Media/Broadcast      _____Other


I am applying for :   __2 weeks ($560)         __3 weeks  ($800)    __1 month ($1000)       __2 months ($1560)                          


List here your top three choices for dates to visit:


1. _______________________       2. ______________________________     3. _____________________


Describe any special equipment or accommodations you need: _____________________________


Check your preferred housing: __Private Bedroom __Private Cabin (summer only; all facilities are located in the main house)


All accepted residents at Better Farm will have the opportunity to contribute to the community-at-large as well as be a part of on-site projects. Please list any skills or interests you have related to farming, gardening, construction, or community outreach:




Please briefly answer the following:

Why do you want a betterArts residency?  (Answer not to exceed one page)


Please attach your artist's statement or project proposal. (Answer not to exceed one page)


Please list references who can speak to your artistic commitment.


NAME    _________________________________________________________

PHONE   _________________________ E-MAIL  ________________________

RELATIONSHIP TO YOU  ___________________________________________



NAME    ________________________________________

PHONE   ________________________E-MAIL  _________________________

RELATIONSHIP TO YOU  ___________________________________________




It is agreed that all guests will abide by the established customs of betterArts, Better Farm, and the community-at-large. It is understood that a guest's visit may be terminated at any time entirely at the discretion of the management. It is further understood that use, possession, or distribution of illegal substances by betterArts fellows or their guests will result in immediate termination of residency. It is understood that betterArts reserves final residency scheduling authority.





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